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What You Missed At The 2022 Design-2-Part Show In Greenville, SC

Engineers, buyers, management, and owners gathered—for the first time after the pandemic—looking for help and ideas on their fastener and tooling needs. We were delighted to demonstrate our latest battery-operated tooling for rivets and nuts, all for production-level requirements! Tools that require little to no maintenance and no need to “drag” a hose around for those tight spot areas.

Here’s some of the highlights, in case you missed the 2022 Design-2-Part Show in Greenville.

Much To-Do About Rivet Nuts

Much curiosity was centered around rivet nuts (a.k.a., Rivnuts). A reliable rivet nut may be the answer when installing load-bearing solid threads in thin materials. Available in round, hex, and square body styles. Additionally, our rivet nuts feature a variety of options and locking features.

Click the link below for more information:

Stanley Engineering: Rivet Nuts

The Advantages of Lockbolts

The lockbolt (pin/collar) took center stage at this year’s conference. Lockbolts are a system that offers high-shear strength, highly controlled clamp, and a wide selection of materials, including head sizes and collar options. This gives this rivet an extensive variety of applications. Lockbolts are quick to install and easy to inspect for tampering, making this the ideal rivet for heavy engineering. Lockbolts can fasten metal to metal, used in construction, bridge building, commercial vehicles, fencing, mining, railways, reefer cool and dry freight containers, and other applications with consistent high performance and vibration resistance are needed. Offered in steel, stainless steel.

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Stanley Engineering: Lockbolts

Tooling Options

Another area we often discussed at the show was the need for a diverse array of tooling options. Whether for prototype tooling, bridge tooling, and production tooling, making sure that you have the right options in place is a major improvement to your mantufactuing operations.

Take a look at some of the options for battery-operated, pneumatic, and pneumatic/hydraulic tooling for all your installation needs.

Stanley Engineering: Power Tools

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