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Taiwan Drought Conditions Impacting All Industries & Lead Times!

Taiwan Drought Conditions Impacting All Industries & Lead Times!

The nation of Taiwan remains embattled in the worst drought it has seen in over 60 years. The impacts of this affliction have been felt across multiple sectors and landscapes. Farmers have lost entire rice fields in a matter of weeks.  Reservoirs are perilously low, stressing and endangering multiple communities.  World-famous semiconductor chip facilities (science parks) are being placed under water-consumption restrictions.   But these restrictions are not limited to semiconductors.

All forms of manufacturing, such as metal forging and casting for industrial and automotive hardware, are impacted as well.  With these restrictions on water use come disparate impacts to customer lead times, production costs and overhead, and potential personnel shortages.  Fastbolt Corp. is doing its very best to remain in regular contact with its associated production facilities to keep informed on any related production or delivery difficulties.

According to Taiwanese officials, water will have been cut to non-industrial users across multiple counties to two days a week. An aggressive effort to reduce water use in farmland has helped the country avoid the worst effects of the current drought. But it seems the long-term outlook for Taiwan’s economic and societal recovery from this drought, compounding with the COVID-19 pandemic, will remain ambiguous.

Fastbolt believes it is worthwhile to research and become familiar with multiple facets of global impact which potentially affect the fastener industry. As hardware distributors experience and navigate these hardships, it is to the advantage of all that this is done with transparency. If there are occurrences on the global landscape which may influence Fastbolt’s ability to expeditiously deliver product to their loyal customers, however, be assured measures are being taken to the extent possible to mitigate the risks and maximize flow-down of information.

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