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Serving the Canadian Market: Fastbolt’s Montreal Facility

As a company involved in manufacturing, you know the importance of punctuality. If you don’t get the goods you need to the factory floor, everything shuts down. It’s an expensive problem. You have to pay your staff who can’t work, and you need to explain to customers why you failed to hit agreed deadlines. For this reason, firms large and small seek reliable, trustworthy business partners to help manage their global supply chains or locally source the products they require.

If you’re a company with a manufacturing presence in Canada, then Fastbolt just might be that reliable business partner you’ve been searching for. This guide will walk you through our facility in Montreal, Quebec, and provide you with an overview of the services we offer to companies in the country.

Fastbolt Corporation

Fastbolt Corporation is a global supply chain management company. We have a strong presence in North America, with five facilities in the US, alongside our facility in Montreal, Quebec.

We provide two core services through these facilities; logistics support and point-of-use parts replenishment. These are different but complementary services.

Logistics Support

Logistics support incorporates services like program management, compliance management, diversified sourcing and risk mitigation, and the development of proprietary applications. Through the provision of these services, we help clients improve their global operations by reducing the risk of problems or improving efficiencies so you can reduce costs or improve delivery times.

Our logistics support services are in constant demand. We’ve been privileged to work with companies like Amazon, or Circuit Electric, to help improve their operations. If you turn to us for support, we will bring our decades of expertise to the table to aid your business operations.

Point of Use Parts Replenishment

Alongside the logistics support, we offer point-of-use parts replenishment. Point of parts replenishment allows you to source the parts you need and have them delivered, if necessary, from our local facilities to your factory floor.

All of the parts we supply use certified tracking. That means we can tell you where any product came from and exactly how it got to your facility.

We use batch tracking and provide goods in compliance with MS / AN / NAS specifications for companies operating in the military or aerospace sectors. We have also obtained ISO 9001: 2015 + AS9100D certification and are registered in accordance with ITAR requirements. Our parts meet all applicable specifications and DFARS as needed.

Fastbolt Presence in Montreal

The Fastbolt facility in Montreal is a vital logistics and warehousing center. Through the facility, we serve various businesses with a local or national presence. We have a strong presence across a range of sectors. For example, we’re working with robotics, renewable energy, and electric charging systems.

Through our Fastbolt presence in Montreal, we can provide support to businesses in the region and nationally. Our ability to source goods cheaply and in high volumes means we can help support your needs regardless of the size of your business. Fastbolt can also source custom goods if you have an order for a product we don’t stock in our facility.

As a point of use parts replenishment center, we see demand for goods like:

Threaded Fasteners

We supply various types of fasteners needed by firms across all types of sectors. The screws and bolts we offer always adhere to the relevant industry specifications.

Industrial Safety Supplies

Through the Montreal Facility, Fastbolt supplies a wide range of industrial safety supplies. We supply goods that provide head and face protection, hand protection, fall protection, protective workwear, facility supplies, and more.

PCB Assemblies & Magnetics

Fastbolt is an industry-leading supplier of magnetic assemblies. We offer a broad range of PCB Assemblies and magnetics to fit your needs. For example, threaded inserts, fasteners to suit virtually every assembly requirement, rivets that attach PCBs to metal frames, etc. For more information, here is a comprehensive list of PCB assemblies and magnetics.

Custom Components & Stamps

Fastbolt can help design and supply custom components and stamps for your company. We can determine the best material and method for producing your custom and specialty fasteners. We can also source these goods at a competitive price.

In addition to designing and supplying custom components, Fastbolt can also modify standard components. For example, we can undertake platings and coatings, modify thread length, and more.

Washers, Rings, & Pins

Fastbolt supplies every type of washer, rings, and pins your business is likely to need. We supply flat, lock, split, star, belleville, and wave washers from various materials. In addition, we supply a similar range of pins and rings.

Wire & Cable Management Products

You can source a wide variety of cable tie styles, sizes, and materials to satisfy a broad range of applications and environments from our facility in Montreal. We stock hundreds of types of electrical connectors as well.

Summing Up

Underpinning the success of most businesses are reliable business partners. As a company involved in global supply chain management, this is a thing we understand all too well.

There are two ways that the team at the Fastbolt facility in Montreal can support your business. Firstly, we can provide you with the goods that you need for your facility to operate at an affordable price. If we don’t have the goods in stock, we can help you source those goods.

Secondly, through logistics support, we can help improve your supply chain management. That support might come in the form of diversified risk sourcing or compliance management, for example.

Regardless of the support you need, our end goal is always the same; to help improve the resilience of your business by reducing risk so there’s less chance of you losing money, and improving efficiencies so your business can make more money.

To find out more about our services, get in touch with our friendly customer support staff. Drop us a line to get started.

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