History, Mission, & Values

A History of Solving Global Supply Chain Issues, Both Large and Small

Screws and bolts sitting upright on a black background with a reflection below.

Fastbolt was founded in 1974 by Albert Zaukas. His vision was to build a company dedicated to its customers by supplying quality fasteners on time, every time. Setting up shop in Manhattan’s SoHo district at 500 Broadway, this vision became a reality. His “roll up your sleeves and get to work” attitude was (and still is) Fastbolt’s standard operating philosophy. These principles, respected by his employees, customer base, and suppliers, created the need for immediate expansion and additional warehousing capacity. In 1978, Fastbolt relocated across the Hudson River to South Hackensack, New Jersey. With the 48,000-square-foot complex, the company grew, and it still serves as Fastbolt’s corporate headquarters.

As customer manufacturing locations shifted globally and the need for local warehousing and hands-on supply chain management became more apparent, Fastbolt quickly responded to these needs. Today, Fastbolt has logistic centers in Montreal, Quebec; Youngsville, North Carolina; Piedmont and Charleston, South Carolina; Tamarac, Florida; South Hackensack, New Jersey, and sales offices all over the world.

Through dedication to its customers, Fastbolt has evolved into a quality-driven global supply chain management company meeting the needs of a sophisticated and diversified customer base. True supply chain integration has been achieved by providing services such as application engineering, sourcing, planning, kitting, and inventory management programs, as Fastbolt is a leader in the industry.

Today the Zaukas family continues to be actively engaged in working towards the continued development, direction, and quality associated with Fastbolt. A true dedication has been passed down to their Company, employees, customers, and suppliers. In 2011, a Company ESOP was established where each and every employee is eligible to participate in the success of Fastbolt and its customers. We promise to always surpass our customers’ expectations by continuously improving our products and services.