Crossing across industry lines while adhering to the Highest Quality Standards, we provide process oriented application engineering assistance in response to changing technologies, changing product lines and quality requirements. Our quality standards, and those we adhere to, allow us to supply global markets.


You as the Customer, must ensure your suppliers understand your processes  and what is required to produce parts with consistent quality expectations being achieved during production and the related  production rates. Our active engagement  in  the purchase part approval  process (PPAP) is our way of ensuring the engineering design record and specification requirements are consistently met the optimal way, regardless of level.


Joint Design Review & Assistance

Fastbolt uses a variety of methods to evaluate an application through analysis and hands-on testing as well as direct experience. Our experienced application engineering team as well as our manufacturing partners can review your design or current assembly methods, material selection, and joint design, thus maximizing performance.


Product Standardization & Consolidation

Fastbolt will review your fastener and C-item usage and make recommendations on fastener consolidation. This will allow you to reduce part numbers within your inventory, reduce costs, and facilitate quality consistency.


Product Teardowns

In working with the idea of product standardization, teardowns can be highly effective. Teardowns can save dollars and provide increased product reliability. Physically disassembling the product and understanding the engineering will enable us to provide alternative methods which could reduce costs, improve quality, or consolidate part numbers.


Automation Ready Certified Fasteners

Where applicable, through the above processes and our focus on quality we faciliate an  efficient and effective transition to Robotic Systems for  modern assembly operations.