HELICOIL Wire Insert Systems + DODGE Fastening Solutions for Plastics

Fastbolt Canada is pleased to announce a new partnership with Stanley Engineered Fastening for these two following divisions:   HELICOIL Wire Insert Systems and DODGE Fastening Solutions for Plastics.  As the Master Distributor, Fastbolt Canada will be carrying the full line of HELICOIL and DODGE inserts in their Dorval facilities. 
Heli –Coil inserts are precision formed screw thread coils of stainless steel wire having a diamond shape cross section. Since its inception in 1938, Heli- Coil has been identified as an industry leader offering products with superior performance, and integrity.
Dodge threaded inserts for plastics are brass screw machine parts designed to provide strong metal threads in plastic components. Since the 1950’s, Dodge has been identified as the leader in its industry.


For more than 40 years, STANLEY Engineered Fastening has been revolutionizing fastening and assembly technologies for a variety of industries. STANLEY Engineered Fastening and the Fastbolt Corporation has join together to supply the many special fastening system that make up the newly formed Stanley Engineered Fastening Systems Division of Stanley Tool Co. to include:



POP® Riveting Systems. An extensive range of Blind Rivets, Setting Tools and Systems.
POP® incorporates Vgrip®, POPSet®, and ProSet®.



Avdel® - An extensive range of Specialty Blind Rivets, Setting Tools and Blind Fastening Systems.



IForm, one of the leading brands of proprietary externally threaded fasteners, formerly the “Infastech group”, and the “CamCar Company” and the manufacturer of many special threaded fasteners, such as thread forming and sheet metal screws up to high performance staking fastener, with brands like “Taptite screws”, “Camtainer”, “Torque drives” and many more.

Disc-Lock teams with Fastbolt

DISC-LOCK's vibration proof DISC-LOCK Fastening Systems are used for numerous applications in a variety of industries.



Products include:

  • DISC-LOCK Washers (Standard and Stainless Steel)
  • DISC-LOCK Locking Nuts
  • The DISC-LOCK Railcar Fastening System
  • The DISC-LOCK Truck Frame Fastening System
  • The DISC-LOCK Safety Wheel Nut (eliminates the risk of wheel loss


The DISC-LOCK Armor Fastening System (consisting of a Heavy Hex DISC-LOCK Nut and a Tension Control Bolt ) is l vibration resistant fastening system used to secure military vehicle armor.
DISC-LOCK Railcar Fastening Systems meet all AISC requirements and specifications of ASTM A325 and A490. Disk-Lock nuts meet all physical requirements of ASTM A194-2H.
DISC-LOCK Truck Frame Fastening Systems meet all AISC requirements and specifications of ASTM A325 and A490. DISC-LOCK nuts meet all physical requirements of ASTM A194-2H
The DISC-LOCK Safety Wheel Nut is a free spinning, vibration proof wheel nut, designed to prevent wheel loss from commercial vehicles such as trucks, trailers, and buses with Hub-piloted wheel systems.

Fastbolt teams with EMKA

As a global supplier, EMKA has emerged as a world leader of modular closing systems for industrial sheet metal and composite enclosures, cabinets, panels and switch gears.

EMKA's extensive experience in custom designs, developed in conjunction with customer specific requirements, complements the full range of off-the-shelf products for standard use.

In Industry, EMKA bundles its modular product range for industrial cabinet and enclosure construction.

In Transportation, EMKA develops standard products as well as customer specific components and systems for the furnishing of commercial, rail and special vehicles

In Electronics, EMKA focuses on the product range of electric locking systems

Upcoming exhibitions: http://www.emka.com/us_en/exhibitions/

AVK Industrial Products (AVK)

AVK Industrial Products (AVK) and Fastbolt have recently opened a partnership in North America. AVK was opened in 1983 to focus on the design and manufacture of blind installed threaded inserts and studs.AVK uses cold forming equipment to produce its blind installed threaded inserts and studs. Production and quality is controlled and certified to the requirements of: ISO/TS 16949:2009, AS9100 REV B and ISO 9001:2008.

  • Typical applications:
  • Aerospace;
  • Automotive;
  • Military;
  • Medical Equipment; and
  • Architectural