There are many different types of washers including flat, lock, split, star, Belleville, and wave. Different types of washers have different uses.


They can be made of aluminum, Brass, Stainless, Nylon, Bronze, Alloy, and Steel

The key is the application it is being used for.



Retaining Rings


There are three main types of retaining rings available, each of which may then be broken down into sub-types depending on the application needs:

  • Tapered
    • Axially assembled
      • Inverted
      • Beveled
      • Bowed
    • Radially assembled
    • Self-locking
  • Constant
  • Spiral

They can also come in variety of Finishes.


They can be made of Steel, Stainless, and Copper.


The key is the application it is being used for.




A steel pin, usually cylindrical, that can keep machine parts in proper alignment or fasten them together.


Hardened and precisely shaped pins are used to keep machine components in accurate alignment; they are also used as location guides for adjacent machine parts and to keep the two sections of a punch and die in alignment.

In engineering practice the following types of pins are generally used.

  • Round pins
  • Taper pins
  • Dowel pins
  • Split pins

Round and taper pins are simple cylindrical pins with or without a taper and they offer effective means of fastening pulleys, gears or levers to a shaft.


They can be made of Alloy, Steel, and Stainless Steel.


The key is the application it is being used for.