We offer a broad range of fasteners including:

  • Assembly systems designed for rapid, reliable fastening in medium to high volume applications
  • Fasteners to suit virtually every assembly requirement
  • Threaded inserts, a quick reliable low cost system of inserting high quality, load bearing threads
  • Installation systems ranging from cost-effective handtools to bespoke assembly systems


Applications for:

  • Electronic Components/PCB's
  • Computer Chassis, Housing & Peripherals
  • Telecommunications & other Applications



  • Removable and reusable fasteners attach electronic components on PCBs
  • Rivets that attach PCBs to metal frames
  • Fasteners that attach connectors to PCBs
  • Fasteners that serve as a stand off pillar for PCBs
  • Fasteners that  can be used as solderable terminal post and wire wrap
  • Rivets for assembly of outdoortelecommunications housings