Fastbolt maintains an extensive line of fastening products for every possible industry need. All products are available in inch and metric sizes, as well as a variety of materials and finishes, suitable for any possible application. We have partnered with the most trusted manufacturers in the industry to be able to provide you a customized program that ensures a smooth, uninterrupted flow of precisely the parts you need, where and when you need them, providing savings every step of the way.




Partnered Solutions :

  • Acument™ Global Technologies is primarily focused on delivering fastening solutions to the auto, electronics, construction,
    and other manufacturing industries under the Camcar®, Ring Screw®, Torx®, Torx Plus®, Mag-Form ® brands.
  • AVK manufactures blind installed Threaded Fasteners for transportation and general industrial markets. AVK has the installation tool suitable for any application. Avibank is considered one of the leading manufacturers of sophisticated fasteners, and multi-component fastening systems and devices. With over 40 active patents to their name, their proprietary products include: latches, hold-open rods, quick release pins, structural panel fasteners, self-retaining bolts and expandable fasteners.
  • Stanley Engineered Fastening provides fastening and joining solutions for the automotive and general industries.
    Maintaining individual product brands such as Avdel, POP, HeliCoil.
  • PEM Fasteners utilize self-clinching, broaching, flaring, surface mount, or weld technolog
  • Product Solutions for maintenance and repair. Tapes, Abrasives, occupational health and
    safety products, terminals, heat shrinking tubing, wire connectors, electrical supplies and
    reclosable fasteners.
  • Self-sealing screws, self-sealing nuts, self-sealing bolts, self-sealing rivets, and self-sealing
    washers. Available in Imperial (inch) and metric sizes with various sealing material and
    thread-locking options.
  • Modular closing systems for industrial sheet metal and composite enclosures, cabinets,
    panels and switch gears.
  • Wire termination, terminal blocks, strain reliefs, liquid tight accessories, cord-grips, and
  • Clamps and rings for a wide range of materials. All of it complemented by a choice of quick
    action swing couplings as well as stamped and formed parts.
  • Wiring and communication products, network cabling systems.
  • Standoffs, spacers, handles & ferrules, male/female standoffs, captive screws, retainers,
    jackscrews, precision shoulder screws, thumb screws, thumb nuts, swage standoffs, insulating
    washers, anti-rotation swage standoffs, swaging tools, and plastic circuit board supports.
    Available in American standard and metric dimensions.
  • Plastic fasteners, wire management devices, circuit board hardware, and custom components.
  • Inch, DIN, ANSI metric and JIS retaining rings, as well as a complete line of constant
    section rings.