Medical equipment utilizes an array of fastener and assembly systems that provide crucial operational performance. Products include threaded inserts for plastics, universally accepted wire screw thread inserts and tools, blind rivets and tools, self-locking thread systems, and engineered fastening solutions


Even though they are often  the smallest components in the medical device, fasteners are usually the most important element of the assembly as they literally can hold the entire unit together. When a fastener fails in a medical device, this usually means that the device can also fail. The correct fasteners ensure that the device performs as desired.

Fastbolt specializes in creating a close-knit relationship with each of its clients, providing solutions that are customized and tailored to specific industry needs. Depending on the requirements of the relationship, we can deploy a variety of operational enhancements, including on-site inventory maintenance. More information can be found under the Services area of the web site.