For more than 40 years, STANLEY Engineered Fastening has been revolutionizing fastening and assembly technologies for a variety of industries. STANLEY Engineered Fastening and the Fastbolt Corporation has join together to supply the many special fastening system that make up the newly formed Stanley Engineered Fastening Systems Division of Stanley Tool Co. to include:



POP® Riveting Systems. An extensive range of Blind Rivets, Setting Tools and Systems.
POP® incorporates Vgrip®, POPSet®, and ProSet®.



Avdel® - An extensive range of Specialty Blind Rivets, Setting Tools and Blind Fastening Systems.



IForm, one of the leading brands of proprietary externally threaded fasteners, formerly the “Infastech group”, and the “CamCar Company” and the manufacturer of many special threaded fasteners, such as thread forming and sheet metal screws up to high performance staking fastener, with brands like “Taptite screws”, “Camtainer”, “Torque drives” and many more.